Childrens Workshops

Educating Generations

To educate and entertain. This is one of our founding principles, that’s why we’ve brought poetry, sport and fun into local schools and brought entertainment to children during the holidays.

Childrens Workshops

Education and Fun

We’ve organised and funded Irish Gaelic classes, GAA sport in local schools, history and literature evenings and brought theatre productions to the local community.

The society has organised these events for people of all ages and we’d love to do more.


Our resources section has also been developed to provide information of interest to our site visitors on subjects of Celtic and Irish interest. This resource will continue to grow. But we need contributors. Whatever you fancy! If you would like to submit some information to our pages, you just need to contact us.

Get Involved

Sadly, we’ve needed to scale back some of our activities in recent years due to lack of volunteers. But you can make the difference. Whatever your skill-set, we’d love to hear from you.