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Celebrating Culture in England’s SouthEast

The Celtic and Irish Cultural Society aims to establish and support Celtic events in the southeast of England. The committee’s background was in the organization of previous Irish Festivals and it is the objective of the society’s foundation to extend those events.

Aims of the Society:

  • To promote knowledge of Celtic culture, arts, music and sport
  • To increase awareness of the role of Irish immigration in developing the local economy
  • To co-operate with organisations to further our objectives
  • To establish events throughout the year
  • To support and enrich cultural activities organised in the region
  • To entertain, to inform and to support

Celtic Links

Want to organise a Celtic Event? Want to see Scottish, Welsh or any other Celtic events on a grand scale? The Celtic & Irish Cultural Society developed from the success of the Crawley Irish Festival and we are keen to be representative of all the Celtic nations. If you wish to get involved, why not join us at an event?