A testimonial on the Crawley Irish Festival from Patrick O’Connell OBE

Sunday 30th August 2020 would have seen the 25th Annual Crawley Irish Festival at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley but due to the Covid 19 Pandemic all was cancelled. Gerry Byrne broadcast a ‘Crawley Special’ on his Irish Radio on the same day focusing on the festival with best wishes and shout outs to all our patrons and supporters.

Patrick O’Connell OBE, the MC on the Traditional Stage had a few nice words to say about the festival……

Hi Gerry

I am sending greetings to John and Noreen Nolan this weekend, remembering the Crawley Irish Festival, like many things, missing from our calendars this year.

I hope John and Noreen take time, especially this weekend, to have some fun for themselves as they have given us so much fun and enjoyment over the years with the festival. I hope they look back on all the great festivals they and the committee have presented over the last two decades.

I have been lucky to have been to many of their festivals and other Irish events over this time and have to say that the festival is one of the few Irish ‘institutions’ that has survived for nearly 25 years in what must have been challenging times. The festival has survived, in my opinion, because it has been willing to change and present something that the audience seems to want and more importantly, support – this takes stamina and courage as well as perseverance.

Incidentally, I also place you and your show in that category.

Sometimes you don’t miss something until it’s gone!!

There is a big difference in the temperature today compared to last years’ 33 degrees – but the sun is still shining!!!

Here’s to 2021!!

Best wishes