Crawley Fleadh 2012

a celebration of irish culture incorporating the Crawley Saint Patrick's Parade on Sunday 18th March

About the Fleadh

The Crawley Fleadh is organised by the Celtic and Irish Cultural Society who also organise a number of othe events throughout the year including the Crawley Irish Festival.

Crawley Fleadh 2012 – Our Role, Your Role

The Crawley Fleadh intends to give residents the opportunity to get to know more about Irish tradition and culture. The CICS cooperates with a number of organisations to make the Fleadh possible. The society works hard throughout the year to make the event possible so we hope everyone will get involved and participate in the events. And more, we would welcome you to become more active and help us put on events in the future.

The seventh annual Saint Patrick’s Parade in Crawley is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and not just watch. The parade is a chance for the Irish to wear their green with pride but also for others to do the same!

Aims of the Society:

  • To promote knowledge of culture, arts, music and sport
  • To co-operate with organisations to further our objectives
  • To establish events throughout the year
  • To support and enrich cultural activities organised in the region
  • To entertain, to inform and to support

Background – Our Role, Your Role

The Celtic and Irish Cultural Society aims to establish and support Irish and Celtic events in the southeast of England. The committee’s background was in the organisation of previous Irish Festivals. It was the objective of the society’s foundation to extend those events. We need the support of the local community to enable this to happen and to maintain celebrations that happen throughout the year. We would especially welcome people who might wish to assist in the organisation of Scottish and Welsh events. If you would like to participate and organise events of Celtic origin and tradition please join us. We receive financial support from local business, Tourism Ireland and Irish Government funding for the Irish abroad.


  • Upcoming Events

    • Crawley Fleadh events are no longer listed on this site. Please visit our main site for upcoming events.
  • Previous Events

    • Due to website update changes, previous events are no longer to view. The CICS apologise for the inconvenience.