Essence Logo 2010

Essence of Ireland – East Grinstead

Essence Logo 2010

Essence Logo 2010

Essence of Ireland is use cialis'>use cialis back at Chequer Mead-East Grinstead on 10th March at 7.45. It is a special Green tie and Tiara event a week before St Patricks day and is to raise money for  Roy Castle Fund-Cancer Research. It’s an exclusive evening hosted by a VIP.

From the Essence of Ireland Website:

Capturing the true spirit of the Emerald Isle, Essence of Ireland is a breathtaking show of usefull link cheap viagra free shipping brilliant choreography, superb musicianship and dazzling costumes.

With a selection of the finest dancers and musicians, Essence of Ireland sweeps audiences along a breath taking journey of music, song and dance with a kaleidoscope of colour and a backdrop of extremely infectious high octane live music.

With a mixture of traditional and modern songs, a touch of Irish craic and endless energetic dance routines, that give you flavours of link for you buy generic viagra other genres such as Salsa, Country as well as Irish Dance — anyone Irish or otherwise, that is a fan of quality music and dance cannot fail to be mesmerised by this truly wonderful show.

Described by the Irish World as “Entirely unique” and “Highly Recommended”, the critically acclaimed Essence of Ireland is taking theatres by storm, with audiences continually left enthralled and usefull link viagra soft tabs spellbound by the high energy and outstanding dance routines that give the show the true Essence of Ireland.

Ticket prices are £50 which includes canapes, a glass of champagne, auction, raflle and celebrity guests. Tickets are available from the Box office on +44 (0)1342 302000