Cathie Ryan has received an accolade from for her album “The Farthest Wave”. Barry received the Best Vocal Album of the Year “livie”. is one of the best sources of traditional and themed music on the internet – providing two online radio stations, direct from Dublin, to the global community.

In awarding the accolade, the internet radio station commented:

“Cathie Ryan’s, The Farthest Wave may be the best vocal, traditional album we have EVER heard, never mind just this year. She is, beyond any debate, the pre-eminent Irish singer and song writer of her time. This album is so carefully thought out and so passionately performed, we continue to listen over and over and over again. Cathie is fearless. She cut to deep inside her heart, and shared all with the listener. This voice. God gave her the tools. She has built the mansion. A wonder. If you don’t have this album, your collection is not really a collection.”

Cathie Ryan will be performing at the Chequer Mead Theatre on 17 January. For more information or purchase tickets on 01342 302000.

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