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Easter 1916

Neil Jordan’s film “Michael Collins” begins its story with the Easter Rising of 1916. The uprising was a cataclysmic event in Irish history: an attempt by Irish Nationalists to invoke the 1912 Home Rule Bill that had never been implemented but the insurrection ended almost as soon as it began.

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The Sporting Irish

Ireland has a rich sporting tradition, it is home to Hurling, the oldest field sport in the world, and the Irish are enthusiastic about all of the sports that they play. From homegrown GAA to Soccer: “you’ll never beat the Irish” is a chant you’ll often hear at Ireland’s international sporting events.

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Guinness World Records 2007

Guinness Book of Records

The Celtic and Irish Cultural Society would like to congratulate the Mullins School of Irish Dancing on their recent entry into the Guinness Book of Records. In July 2006, dancers from the local dance school took part in the largest outdoor dancing event of the year, live on BBC One, when they performed the longest ever Riverdance line alongside Irish dancers from across the UK. Congratulations to all the dancers who took part.

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